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I enjoy being able to create an outline and write an article in, knowing that there is support and help along the way, the thing that keeps me going is the ability to see my writing in front of me effortlessly. Since starting to use AI Writer I have seen an increase in my productivity by 5x. You can also Try For Free

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ai-writer review

What is is the most popular content generation platform for generating articles. is the most popular content generation platform that uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence to generate compelling, human-readable articles using AI. It uses advanced AI writing models to generate original, ready-to-publish content.

It offers a complete content solution with hands-on management, keyword research, article creation, SEO optimization, and publishing- EXCEPT the content is heavily produced using AI tools rather than an editorial team.

Benefits of Using

Here are some of the great benefits of using for your AI article writing at ClicksHunt.

  1. Low-cost way of testing new content clusters
  2. Revive your neglected website on a budget
  3. Get massive amounts of quality articles created fast
  4. You can generate full-length article drafts using this tool.
  5. It offers a list of sources so that you can verify the information and deliver authentic and quality content.
  6. It generates fresh, unique and relevant content using AI.
  7. It generates SEO-friendly and authoritative articles within seconds.

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What do we like the most about

In seconds, you can create an almost unique article with a 75% success rate. It’s written with the most remarkable AI research skills, so it always details its sources for our ready reference. In less than a second, I can produce an almost unique and SEO-friendly article with the help of the AI-writer tool.

What do we dislike?

Sometimes, it copies content from websites which I manually have to check and rewrite. However, considering its other great benefits, I overlook this aspect.

AI Writer Pricing offers a 1-week free trial and three subscription plans. The plans are differentiated by their article generation capabilities.

  1. Basic Plan ($29/month) – Generate up to 40 articles per month
  2. Standard Plan ($59/month) – Generate up to 150 articles per month
  3. Basic Plan ($375/month) – Generate up to 1000 articles per month

View Pricing Plans Here:

AI-Writer is perfect for:

  • Article Writers
  • Link Building Experts
  • SEO Professionals
  • SEO Agencies

Take a look below at the growth of a site where I have added ~100 articles generated by within 1-2 months.

AI Writer Alternatives

Here are the top 5 best AI Writer alternatives and competitors recommendations that you can explore right away.

  1. – The Best Alternative to AI-Writer
  2. – The Simplest AI Writer
  3. – Leading AI Writing Platform
  4. – The Most Advanced Software
  5. – AI Copywriting Tool

What is AI Writer?

An AI writer is a software application that takes a small description of the content you’re looking for and automatically generates a piece of text on a shared topic. Check the list of best ai content writing tools at ClicksHunt.

How much does AI-Writer cost? provides new users with a one-week free trial and three premium plans for more prolific article creation. The premium plan starts at $29. Learn more about AI-Writer Pricing.

What are the main features of AI-Writer?

Here are the four main features of

  • Full Article Draft In Minutes
  • SEO Friendly Content
  • List Of Citations For Verification
  • Unique & Relevant Original Content

Is AI writer legit?

Yes, is 100% legit and can be used to generate highly engaging articles for your business with the help of AI.

What is the best alternative to AI Writer?

The best alternative is Jasper AI. It offers a 5-day trial, You can follow Jasper free trial link to learn more. If you’re looking for a free AI-writer alternative, you could try or

AI Writer Review: Conclusion

AI-Writer is an excellent content generation tool for writers, content creators, and bloggers who want a simple, clean interface that helps them focus on their article writing. AI Writer is affordable and widely supported for AI article generation. You can also try it for free.

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  1. Wonderful technology! If you are looking to write blogs, articles, and web pages, you can use Artificial Intelligence Text Generators to produce paragraph after paragraph of content with ease.

    That way you will save significant amounts of time, and since the content generated by text generator software is written by AI, this technology is an excellent alternative if you lack the time or budget to pay an expensive content writer.

    This tool has made it easy for me to write articles faster and in excellent grammar. Thank you a million times.

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