Promo Code, Discount Coupon Codes In 2022 (Save Flat 40% on Copy AI Pricing)

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In this post, I will share with you an exclusive Copy AI coupon code to get a flat 40% discount on all the Copy AI pricing plans instantly.

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Flat 40% Off Coupon Code STARTCOPY

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Flat 20% Off Coupon Code MAY22

Use promotional code MAY22 to lock in a recurring 20% discount on infinite copy and limitless creativity before time runs out! Please note this coupon is active in September 2022. Claim now.

40% off on all Copy AI premium plans is what you will get using our promo code. Make sure to use the given promo code during checkout.

Copy AI Promo Code:  STARTCOPY

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Keep reading as we also shared the amazing features along with the latest pricing plans and other important details that you should know.

What is Copy.AI?

Copy AI, a GPT-3 based writing assistant, is one of the best in the market to use for AI copywriting. Over 500,000 marketers and entrepreneurs use this tool to create highly engaging content for their businesses.

One can utilize this tool to generate blog post introductions, outlines, conclusions, social media ads copies, landing page sales copy, article content, social media caption, eCommerce product titles, and more.

It supports over 25 languages and offers 90+ different templates to create various types of content as per your requirement. tool can allow you to write content faster and save time. It can create a persuasive sales copy in just a few clicks.

Pros & Cons of Copy ai

There are benefits and drawbacks to every AI copywriting assistant tool. The Pros and Cons of this AI writing tool are shown here.

Benefits of Copy AI (Pros)Drawbacks of Copy AI (Cons)
✔️ Free plan without credit card information❌ Sometimes the output is unrelated
✔️ Easy-to-use interface❌ No live chat support
✔️ Massive collection of 90+ copywriting tools to explore
✔️ Support 25+ languages
✔️ Chrome extension available
✔️ Access to premium community
✔️ Custom plans & priority support

Copy.AI Coupon Code 2022: 40% Discount on Copy AI Plan

You will get an instant 40% discount on all the pricing plans of by using the Copy AI coupon code STARTCOPY. You can also use MAY22 for a 20% discount.

Limited Time Deal: The coupon can be used for a limited time. Make sure you grab the deal before it’s over.

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The actual price and discounted price of Copy AI are shown below for your easy reference.

How to apply the Copy AI 40% Off Promo Deal?

I am going to show you how to apply the Copy ai coupon code to get the maximum discount.

Step 1: Click on this exclusive link to visit the official website of

Step 2: Now register for a free account and log in to your free account.

Step 3: You will be redirected to your free trial dashboard. Click on the “Upgrade to Pro” button in the top right corner. (Shown in the above screenshot)

Step 4: Select a plan according to your content needs. Choose the billing cycle, pay monthly or pay annually. We recommend the Solo plan!

Step 5: Apply the coupon code ‘STARTCOPY‘ during checkout to get an instant 40% discount on your purchase.

Well done! The coupon code has been successfully applied to get the maximum discount.

Copy AI Pricing Plans in 2022

There are two premium plans and a free plan currently offered by The premium plans come with many features. Such as:

  • Unlimited credits
  • Unlimited projects
  • Create content in 25+ languages
  • Access to 90+ copywriting tools
  • Priority customer support & much more

1) Free Plan: If you want to test this copywriting tool then the free plan is the perfect option for you. Go for it.

2) Pro Plan: This plan would be perfect for people who are looking for a copywriting tool for personal use or small businesses.

If you want to buy this plan at monthly billing then it will cost you $49/mo and for yearly billing, it will cost you $420/year (at just $35/mo). You can save flat $168 per year if you buy this plan for a year.

3) Custom Plan : The copy ai plan is ideal for larger teams and organizations. The price for this plan is $98 per month. The yearly billing plan starts at $840/year.

Grab 40% Discount Code

Copy AI Free Trial 2022 also offers a free trial plan to new users with 10 credits per month. You can use our link to get 100 content credits for your first month.

The free trial of does not require you to provide credit card information. You can take advantage of the free trial if you sign up with your email ID.

Here’s the screenshot of Copy AI Free Trial for your reference:

The free trial and premium plans of have the same features except for the content credit limits.

Copy AI Tools & Features

There are 90+ copywriting templates provided by Let’s take a look at a few of them.

1) Blog Tools will help you to write posts 10 times faster if you are a blogger or content writer.

You can use this tool to find blog post ideas, and related topics, discover related keywords, and prepare the outline of your post.

Here are some other important templates which are useful for bloggers:

  • Blog conclusion
  • Blog intro
  • Blog title
  • Bullet point to the blog section
  • Blog title — Listicle
  • Freestyle

2) Digital Ad Copy offers a wide variety of tools for creating highly engaging digital ads. It includes tools for creating ads for Facebook, Google, LinkedIn etc.

There is a special tool called “Ad Copy Varients” to help you think of variations for your ad campaigns. Best for AB testing!

3) Startup Copywriting Templates

5 excellent tools for startup owners are provided by They are mentioned below.

  1. Audience Refiner : It helps to find the right audience for your business.
  2. Brand Mission :  Find the actual mission content of your business startup.
  3. Brand Voice :  Generate content that completely matches your startup voice.
  4. Motto Generator : Uncover the perfect motto for your brand.
  5. Value Proposition :  This helps you to find a better way to describe your business values through AI content.

4) Social Media Copywriting Templates

The toolkit includes tons of social media tools. You’ll get access to 15+ social media tools to grow your Instagram account, LinkedIn page, TikTok channel, Twitter account, & YouTube channel.

5) Website Sales Copy

You can manage the website’s landing page texts, page headings, subheadings, SEO titles and meta descriptions using the Copy AI tool.  

It offers a dedicated template for each of these website copy tasks, it will take a few clicks to generate an interesting website copy in seconds.

FAQs Related to

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers on the tool and discount promo codes.

Where can I get a valid copy ai coupon code?

Here at You can use the Copy AI coupon code STARTCOPY to get a flat 40% discount on all premium plans out there. This deal is valid for a limited time so hurry!

Does offer any lifetime deal?

There isn’t a lifetime deal with the tool. You have to pay for your favourite Copy AI plans in monthly or annual billing.

You can check the Writecream lifetime deal and Blogely lifetime deal.

Which is the best alternative?

There are many AI writing assistant tools out there. According to my experience with these AI writing tools, the best alternative to is Learn more about Jasper Free Trial & Jasper Pricing.

Does Copy AI have a free trial?

Yes, Copy ai offers a lifetime free account with 10 content credits each month for all registered users.


There is no doubt that is one of the best GPT3-based writing tools.

Bloggers, writers and digital marketers will certainly benefit from this tool since it reduces content workload and increases productivity.

Use this exclusive link and apply the promo code “STARTCOPY” during checkout and enjoy a flat 40% OFF on all the premium plans with Clickshunt. Happy Shopping!

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